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PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program 

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Komoto Healthcare is offering a dynamic residency program with a public health focus

Our residency program is in partnership with the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy, providing residents with exposure to the school's experiential teaching and research driven methodologies

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Program Overview


The purpose is to build upon the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) education and outcomes to develop community-based pharmacist practitioners with diverse patient care, leadership, and education skills who are eligible to pursue advanced training opportunities including postgraduate year two (PGY2) residencies and professional certifications.

Program Overview

Based in Central California and committed to serving underserved communities, our mission-driven program provides residents with diverse clinical and operational experiences across various pharmacy care settings, including community pharmacy, home infusion, specialty pharmacy, hospice care, non-sterile compounding, and clinical services like transitions of care. Guided by evidence-based practices and public health principles, residents receive comprehensive training in patient-centered care and population health, while also gaining exposure to pharmacy business operations and administration. Our program emphasizes mentorship, encouraging residents to undertake a project centered on public health, ultimately fostering well-rounded pharmacy leaders dedicated to improving patient health outcomes.

Program Highlights


Drive Impact in an Underserved Area

Work with local organizations and community leaders to address healthcare disparities and improve access to quality healthcare.


Practice with
Healthcare Leaders

Collaborate closely with leaders in the profession, gaining valuable insights, mentorship, and access to Komoto Healthcare executives who can guide your growth and development as a future leader.


Develop Teaching Experience

In affiliation with University of the Pacific, receive training in teaching methodology, precepting, and gain real-world teaching experience.

Program Details

Clinical Experience

Clinical rotations create the foundation for patient care. Experiences will build on the principles of chronic disease management, transitions of care, and patient health outcomes. Residents will hone their patient consultation skills, engage providers, and tailor recommendations to fit a variety of healthcare settings.​

Related Learning Experiences

  • Medication Therapy Management (6 weeks)

  • Community Pharmacy MTM (8 weeks)

  • Internal Medicine (2 weeks)

  • Transitions of Care (6 weeks) 

  • Hospice Care (4 - 6 week elective) 

Pharmacy Practice Experience

Residents will engage in pharmacy practice across multiple settings. Residents will learn principles in safe medication fulfillment, effective patient education, and coordination with prescribers. Subject matter includes retail pharmacy, meds-to-beds, hospice, OTC, immunizations, and more.


Staffing requirements are integrated into these experiences. Residents are challenged to apply clinical principles in all pharmacy settings, and programs aim to bridge ambulatory care and pharmacy operations workflows.

Related Learning Experiences

  • Pharmacy Practice – Community Focus (6 weeks)

  • Pharmacy Practice – Institutional Focus (6 weeks)

  • Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy (4 weeks)

  • Non-sterile Compounding (4 - 6 week elective)

Public Health and Equity

Pharmacy practice is a key to addressing health disparities in rural communities. Over 52-weeks, the resident will work with the local community, within Komoto Healthcare, and with its affiliates on these issues. Engagements will vary from research to patient/provider education to project coordination.

Activities include involvement in the following:

  • Meetings with community leaders

  • Komoto Healthcare Equity Task Force

  • Social Determinants of Health programs

  • Affordable Meds Program

  • Mobile Vaccination Clinics

Residency Project

Residents will choose a project which involves pharmacy services that address a public health need.

Business Development Experience

Residents will learn skillsets which equip them to design, implement, and run new pharmacy services. This includes fundamentals in pharmacy operations, project organization, process analysis, and continuous quality improvement. Moreover, residents will be exposed to pharmacy regulation and advocacy to understand how the profession is changing and how that applies to their practice setting.

Related Learning Experiences

  • Pharmacy Administration (2 weeks)

  • Project Management (52 week longitudinal)

  • Pharmacy Advocacy (52 week longitudinal)

  • Operations Management (4 - 6 week elective)

Teaching Experience

The resident engages in a 52-week longitudinal Presentation and Teaching track through the University of the Pacific. Regularly scheduled activities occur 1 day per week. Most activities are performed in Kern County. The resident travels 1 day per month to the Pacific campus in Stockton. Accommodations are provided by the University.


In addition, a teaching certificate is offered which requires specific teaching activities, including leading patient case discussions, hands-on skills and patient counseling sessions, lectures, and more.

Our Team

Application Information

General Information

Appointment: July 1, 2024 to June 27, 2025

Positions Available:

Candidate Requirements

Applications must be graduates or candidates for graduation of an ACPE-accredited school or college of pharmacy. Applicants must be licensed in California within 90 days of start of the residency program. 

How to Apply

Match: All applicants must register for the ASHP Resident Matching Program

PhORCAS: Applications will be accepted through PhORCAS (Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service). All residency application materials must be submitted by January 4, 2024

Cover Letter: Please provide a cover letter that articulates the following 

  • What elements of our residency program is the most interesting to you

  • How a residency with Komoto Healthcare relates to your personal and professional goals 

  • What makes you the best qualified candidate for our residency program

Letters of Recommendation:​​​​

Three letters of recommendation are required for Phase I applications. We ask that a minimum of one of your three references by from a preceptor that you have worked with in a clinical setting. All letters of recommendation should utilize the PhORCAS template. 

Applicant Reviews

Each applicant packet is reviewed and scored by the members of the Resident Selection Committee. The committee assesses each applicant across several dimensions including: leadership experience, clinical experience, extracurricular involvement and academic performance. A select portion of the applicants will be invited for interviews. Interview may be conducted in-person or virtually depending on interviewer schedules. 

Residency Match

The Komoto Healthcare PGY1 Residency Program participates in National Match Services resident matching program. Following interviews, residency candidates will submit and certify their residency site rankings.

Additional Resources

Open House Presentation Slides

Public Health & Equity Learning Experience Overview

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