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Patients & Community

All patients deserve access to affordable healthcare 

At Komoto Healthcare we are driven by the mission to serve our community and work with local leaders and organizations to help reach patients and provide care. For instance, in partnership with the Komoto Family Foundation, we have worked with the California Farmworkers Foundation, local school districts, and senior centers to provide healthcare services and education.

Affordable Medication Program

Medication affordability is a core driver in keeping a patient healthy. Our Affordable Meds Program helps patients navigate multiple resources to help reduce out of pocket expenses 

To date, our program has saved patients approximately $5 million in out of pocket costs. 

Community Pharmacy 

We operate retail pharmacies providing patients an additional access point for healthcare services and helping our community avoid any gaps in care. Some of our services include: 

Hormonal contraception

Diabetes care 

Asthma care 

Community Health Initiatives

We are dedicated to the good health of our community and continually develop initiatives to address local public health problems 

Naloxone furnishing

Flu and COVID-19 vaccination clinics

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