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Health Plans & Hospitals 

Treating The Patient, Not The Number

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We work with health plans to drive down the cost of care, while maintaining positive health outcomes.  

Synergy Pharmacy Solutions (now known as Avina Health) initiated a transition of care service for high-risk members of the Kern Health Systems managed Medicaid plan. Patients receiving post discharge care from our pharmacists had a 28% lower risk of readmission at 30 days. 

Impact of a Pharmacy-Based Transitional Care Program on Hospital Readmissions

The American Journal of Managed Care, March 2017, Vol 23, Issue 3

Transitions of Care

Working in collaboration with hospitals and health plans, our Transitions of Care program works to reduce drug-related readmissions. By reviewing the patient’s entire medication profile, our team works collaboratively with the hospital to make any necessary modifications to the patient’s drug therapy upon discharge.  

Quality Metrics

We work with health plans all across California to drive quality of care and address NCQA and HEDIS measures. Our services include but are not limited to:

Statin therapy for patients with diabetes  (SPD)

Statin therapy for patients with cardiovascular disease (SPC)

Asthma medication ratio (AMR)

Affordable Meds Program

Medication affordability is a core driver in keeping a patient healthy. Our Affordable Meds Program helps patients navigate multiple resources to help reduce out of pocket expenses. 

To date, our program has saved approximately $5 million in out of pocket costs.

Retail & Specialty Pharmacy 

In conjunction with our services, we also operate retail and specialty pharmacies, providing patients more comprehensive access to medications and other healthcare needs.

Meds to beds – ensuring patients have all their medications prior to discharge  

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) including mobility aids, bathroom safety, incontinence supplies, and wound care

Home infusion therapy  

Medication compliance packaging

Nebulizers and nebulizer solutions

Enteral feeding supplies

Numbers Banner-01.png

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